Five heroes trek the width and breadth of the vast continent of Novaltha seeking glory and adventure. Often they find themselves unwitting participants is great events and tools of the gods themselves.

Torinn of Zyrat, Grey Guard of Bahamut seeks to serve his god while at conflict with the actions he’s taken while serving as a holy paladin.

Iados, Tiefling warlock seeks answers in fell beings from beyond the stars and feels the powers of those beings warring over his very soul.

Hadarai, the Eladrin ranger travels along side his companions seeking the glory he could never find amongst his brethren in the Feywild.

Krag, a savage Goliath plucked from his home to join these motley ranks, stands by his new found comrades honor bound to them for saving his life.

Friends have come and gone, and another will soon enter the game played by the gods with these souls.

The Novalthan Chronicles

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